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“Thank you, you really are amazing….

I would recommend Sarah’s Maternity Coaching to everyone embarking on maternity leave.

The pointers and insights she gave made a world of difference to how I dealt with the transition out of and back into work.

Sarah has so much knowledge and experience; she is a fantastic Maternity coach.  I didn’t realise that Maternity would be the life changing transition it was. Sarah’s support and guidance was invaluable to help me navigate the pitfalls and challenges with ease, before they even arose.

Sarah has the unique talent of being able to balance being really knowledgeable and professional with being super supportive and personable. She pinpoints what help and the areas of focus you need and helps you with them.  She adapts to your questions and case rather than just giving generic advice.  I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Sara Professional Services April 9, 2019