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Yvonne Hogan

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Yvonne Hogan

I was very nervous about going back to work after maternity leave. i was worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage my time and most importantly, I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be as important as I had been to the company. My ego was still really tied up in my professional identity and I was a mess of confusion and paranoia. I just couldn’t reconcile my new role as a mother with my old, corporate identity.

My session with Sarah really helped me work through what was actually important to me, how my priorities had changed and therefore how my view of work had changed. She made me realise that it was possible to have a career and be a mother, but that it would be different, because I was different. She helped me untangle all my worries and get to the core of what I actually wanted, how I felt. She asked all the right questions. I would highly recommend any woman going back to work after maternity leave to book a session with Sarah.

Anonymous Magazine Editor September 3, 2014