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Laura Rossi

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Laura Rossi

I’m writing these few words to thank Sarah for the extraordinary work she did through coaching.

Through a few sessions with her I managed to solve a complicated work situation and I finally found a clear way to move on and focus on my goals. That was crucial as that situation was holding me and preventing my own career progression. Sarah helped me to see the problem in a clear and rational way so I could take my actions more easily and finally get the situation sorted. Also, she helped me to seek for more opportunity that I couldn’t see otherwise because I was too focus on my current project and I didn’t really know how to talk with the right people.

I’m now happy with my job and with my career and I hope you’ll be as lucky as I was to have the opportunity to have a coach like Sarah.

I wish Sarah all the best as she is a very talented coach.

Laura Software Developer September 3, 2014