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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

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Now that Halloween is over we can officially start the countdown to Christmas. For some that sentence leads to childlike excitement as they start humming Wham’s “Last Christmas”, for others it will give them a sense of dread. Christmas is a funny old time of year like that. For me and my family this Christmas should be extra special as we are expecting our second little bundle of joy. I’m due Christmas day so I have an excuse for knowing exactly how many days there are to go!


But now that the Christmas jumpers are in the shops, I’ve noticed lately people saying, “ah sure I’ll think about that after Christmas” and in doing so they essentially write off the rest of the year.  They decide they can’t possibly start any new projects, get fit or job hunt because sure there’s no point. Now as someone with another 7.5 weeks ahead of her til D-Day, my view is a little bit different! A lot can happen in this time. We’re talking about a sixth of the year, not just a day or two. Think how much you could actually achieve if you wanted to. You could do a short course, or spring clean your house, or lose a stone or get your CV sorted or whatever it is you haven’t got round to yet in 2014.

Why not dig out your new year resolutions and see which of them you could have a go at between now and 25th December? Wouldn’t it be a brilliant Christmas present to yourself to think that you set your heart on something and went after it?