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Benefits of Coaching

I believe everyone can benefit from working with a coach. We spend time, not to mention money, on gym memberships to keep our bodies fit, we go to physiotherapists to sort out our aches and pains, we engage in retail therapy to give ourselves a boost. But how much time do we spend on our minds, on our values, and on aligning them with our every day lives?

As parents we spend time taking care of children, spouses, extended family, but when do we do ourselves the courtesy of focusing on ourselves? When we are at a crossroads in life, we are bombarded with information from the internet, from well-meaning friends, from managers, but what about considering the value that comes from speaking with a coach who has no agenda other than to help you get to where you want to be?

The benefits of coaching are numerous and include:

  • Enhanced self-awareness around your thoughts, beliefs, values, and decision-making processes, which will put you in a position to make better decisions in order to give you the outcomes you are looking for.
  • The coaching environment provides a place for you to talk openly, in confidence, with the support of a coach whose sole motivation is to help you achieve your goals. It’s a place to vent if needed, and then move on towards creating an action plan.
  • Employers who support coaching initiatives can expect staff who are genuinely engaged, motivated, and performing to their ability