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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials: Laura – Software Developer

I’m writing these few words to thank Sarah for the extraordinary work she did through coaching.

Through a few sessions with her I manage to solve a complicated work situation and I finally found a clear way to move on and focus on my goals. That was crucial as that situation was holding me and preventing my own career progression. Sarah helped me to see the problem in a clear and rational way so I could take my actions more easily and finally get the situation sorted. Also, she helped me to seek for more opportunity that I couldn’t see otherwise because I was too focus on my current project and I didn’t really know how to talk with right people.

I’m now happy with my job and with my career and I hope you’ll be as lucky as I was to have the opportunity to have a coach like Sarah.

I wish Sarah all the best as she is a very talented coach.

Client Testimonials: Anonymous – Magazine Editor

I was very nervous about going back to work after maternity leave. i was worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage my time and most importantly, I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be as important as I had been to the company. My ego was still really tied up in my professional identity and I was a mess of confusion and paranoia. I just couldn’t reconcile my new role as a mother with my old, corporate identity.

My session with Sarah really helped me work through what was actually important to me, how my priorities had changed and therefore how my view of work had changed. She made me realise that it was possible to have a career and be a mother, but that it would be different, because I was different. She helped me untangle all my worries and get to the core of what I actually wanted, how I felt. She asked all the right questions. I would highly recommend any woman going back to work after maternity leave to book a session with Sarah.

Client Testimonials: Edel – Company Owner

I availed of Sarah Courtney’s coaching services in summer 2014. I found Sarah engaging, motivational and helpful. The coaching was carried out in a relaxed confidential environment which helped me feel supported and empowered to identify areas for improvement.  Steps for achieving my goal were agreed and Sarah followed up with me on the plan to ensure fruition.  Overall a successful process.

Client Testimonials: Fiona – Professional Development Consultant 

Sarah is perfectly suited to coaching. She has an excellent grasp on reality and the skills required to enable people to focus on their goals. She works well with any audience type and attending one of her seminars is well worth the time.

Client Testimonials: Naomi – Childcare

Sarah has been coaching me over the past year. I find it difficult to follow through with things I need to do in order to move forward.Sarah helps me to discover what’s blocking me from getting where I want to be. Once I have figured this out she will challenge me to follow through on my goal and her caring and persistent manner keeps me focused not only during sessions but in between. Coaching sessions with Sarah have helped me build my confidence and has made me feel in control of my life.

Client Testimonials: Marguerite – Project Manager

Thanks again for helping me refocus and giving me back my confidence in my ability after a tough 2014 in the jobs market! I will keep you posted on my progress and if I need a helping hand on moving forward again.