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Are You Waiting For….One Day?

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I’m in a situation where I’m pretty much stuck. It’s not anything too serious but it would be a dream to move on from this particular situation. I know and believe it will happen, it will just take time and patience. It will also take keeping the bigger picture in mind, persistence, drive, creativity, and let’s not forget keeping a sense of humour along the way. As I write this I’m conscious that’s quite a list. And it’s even a little bit daunting. Thankfully I have lots of support from my husband and together we have an unwavering belief that what is meant to be will be ours. One day.


So I reflect with interest on the impact of some tiny changes we’ve made recently to improve what we can, now. I see now that until things became uncomfortable enough to literally force us to make these changes, we simply allowed things to continue as they were as we were blind to any alternatives. Without realising it we closed ourselves off to what we had control over and allowed ourselves believe that nothing could change. At least not until the vaguely some time in the future ‘One Day’ arrived. Any half-way solutions to improve matters, that as it turns out were very much in our control, were invisible.

Out of sheer frustration and a feeling of gloom that I was struggling to shift, we started to make miniscule changes. Things that to anyone else would be barely noticeable but to us started to shine a light on what was possible, not what we felt stuck with. One small change followed the other until in quite a short space of time I found myself smiling and pretty content with where we are at for now. I even enjoyed the process of making these changes and I could see their impact straight away and that gave me ideas of what else I could do. Now don’t get me wrong, we still want what we want. The dream is still the dream. We are still 100% committed to going after it, but it’s hold over us has diminished somewhat. By placing our attention on what we could do and by opening up to the less obvious we somehow feel less stuck. What we have achieved is a temporary stop gap. But while we wait, I realise that by challenging what we truly felt to be an impossible situation, by allowing ourselves open up to other choices, by focusing on what we could control, not what was beyond our reach, we have made a less than ideal situation perfectly manageable. And actually not that bad!

So I ask you, what have you been putting up with that maybe you don’t really have to? What one thing in your daily life makes you a little gloomy, frustrated, resentful or irritated? Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem, maybe you have more power than you give yourself credit for? What’s wrong with This Day that it can’t be that utopian “One Day” or at least one step closer?