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Are You Living Your Fairy Tale?

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My daughter has recently started getting into watching animated movies.  Far from feeling guilt at her asking “is it not on Netflix mom” at aged 2, I rejoice in her language skills and say thank God as another episode of peppa pig was going to finish me off. As a coach I have learned not to judge!

So we were watching Tangled for the umpteenth time and it was the bit where Flynn Ryder cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and she thinks she loses her magic power. But then she cries and it turns out her tears are magic too. It’s her that’s magic, not just one part of her. The wicked mother kept her in the tower to keep all her powers for herself and in doing so stopped her exploring her potential. Rapunzel never had the chance to realise how powerful she was. She never had the opportunity to take a risk, try something out, have a go. She was so stifled she didn’t really know who she was. This is deep stuff for a Disney film right! My daughter just likes the pretty hair and the singing but as a mom and coach, I love that there is a really good moral in there somewhere that I hope filters through to her on some level.

We all have something that holds us back from becoming who we are. It could be fear of failure, previous negative experiences, telling yourself you’re not good enough, or perhaps feeling on some level that you don’t deserve it. Are you ready to start dealing with those things that stop you from achieving your potential and stop you fulfilling your dreams? What would it be like to live your own fairy tale and to escape the limitations of your tower? Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel to trade where you are now for where you want to be. Do you have it somewhere in you to set aside what holds you back and to start pouring your energies instead into being the real you?

It starts with believing in yourself, believing you can do & be more, and then taking action. If you’re ready, think about talking to a coach who can help you uncover your true potential.