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5 things my daughter has taught me recently

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She must be a wise little soul as I realized that a lot could be applied to us as coaches and/or to our clients:

  1. She feels her emotions so deeply. The other day she was crying about something and after about a minute she stopped, looked at me and said “I happy”. She doesn’t hold a grudge or dwell on past hurts. She doesn’t re-live the injustice of whatever upset her over and over again. She let’s go and moves on.
  2. Communication: despite her limited vocabulary, she makes herself understood and it’s in my interest to know what she is trying to say. Remember Covey’s “first seek to understand”? Where there is a will to understand then it can be done as long as we observe closely, concentrate and focus our attention on all aspects of communication.
  3. Yoga I am new to yoga and loving it, it’s a great way to clear your mind and feel physically better. I am however finding it a challenge to contort my body into the various moves with any bit of grace. I watched Kate the other day as completely effortlessly she did the exact yoga move I had been taught in class. The exact one. We have so much innate potential from the very beginning, it’s all there for us if we respect it and use it.
  4. To me, she defines presence and awareness. She sees things as they happen that I am oblivious too. She points out a spider, a shiny coin on the ground, the painting of a zebra on the wall at Dundrum town center car park. She stays in the moment, every moment of her day.
  5. One of her favorite sentences at the moment is “too scary”. She says this, looks ‘scared’ and then giggles. She laughs at the idea of being scared. She is afraid of nothing.

We can learn a lot from a 2 year old