Maternity Coaching

Maternity coaching is a support that facilitates transitioning professionally back to the workplace after having a baby, in a way that ensures women are empowered, motivated, conscious of their choices and clear on their action plan both at home and at work.

My role as a Maternity Coach is to partner with mothers every step of the way to help them transform their goals into reality, perform to their highest potential, and find solutions to the hurdles life throws at all of us.

Women in Ireland are having children typically in their thirties and into their forties, just at a point in time when they are at their peak contribution in the workplace. Many women take a step back in their careers at this point, some step out entirely. Others remain just as ambitious and career focused as they were before they had children. Some love to work and thrive in their chosen careers, others work for financial reasons. Whatever their journey, every woman can benefit from working with a Maternity Coach.

Although every woman is unique, there are some typical themes that emerge throughout the maternity coaching conversation such as how do I:

  • Handle it all, with grace and enjoyment ideally!
  • Remain focused on my career and continue to progress, now that I have a bigger family?
  • Ensure I manage my time in the most productive way possible
  • Avoid guilt and accept that in some ways I am the same and in others ways I am different now that I have children

Maternity coaching provides women with an external, independent and confidential outlet where they can articulate their goals and/or concerns and formulate an action plan for managing same.

Although I coach on a variety of topics, maternity coaching is my main area of interest having experienced first-hand the value it can bring. On a personal level, I have two young children and I understand the demands of juggling home and work. It is my goal to partner with other women in supporting them in achieving the balance that works uniquely for them, both in their personal lives and professionally.