Out of the Blue

I had to slow down recently for about 3 weeks. By slowing down I mean almost coming to a standstill.  On paper my downtime would have looked like utopia to someone else looking in. Everyone I know is incredibly busy, often to the point of overwhelm, with careers, children, family, fitness, hobbies, and the endless[…]

Great Expectations

I was half watching Germany v Ghana play in the second Group G match of the World Cup, when the legendary pundit John Giles said something that caught my attention; “Forwards expect the best to happen, Backs expect the worst”.  It made me smile because some concepts are just universal. It doesn’t matter what field[…]

Dancing in the Moment

A well respected coach once described coaching as ‘dancing in the moment’ with the client. After my, in all honesty, initial raised eyebrow I thought more about what he meant and of course he’s 100% right. As a coach we work with the client in a fluid motion, following their agenda, reacting to their tone,[…]